Trarvel is my final year project at King's College London. It uses Augmented Reality technology to help tourists identify key objects (attractions, statues, etc.) around in London. The AR component was mainly built using standard Swift libraries, UIKit and AVFoundation. UI/UX is also focused heavily to further enhance tourists' experiences.

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WWDC 2016 Scholarship

Same as last year, Apple gave 350 student scholarships this year and thousands of students from all over the world applied for it.

As described by an Apple employee, this year's scholarship program is "extremely competitive", receiving "a record number" of applications. However, I became one of those getting the scholarship.

A lot of people chose to make an introductory app like last year, however, I submitted my final undergraduate project, ViewLDN.

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HackLondon 2016

KCL and UCL teamed up once again to bring back one of the most anticipated hackathon in Spring 2016.

As a co-organizer, I worked on the live feed and live schedule on web, written in Javascript and HTML/CSS, which kept hackers updated during the event. Also as a leader of the user experience team, guiding signs, opening / closing ceremony, placement of snack tables and many other issues were carefully considered and successfully carried out.

During the whole event we provided a lot of swags for our hackers including Oyster Card holders, stickers and blankets, which were all designed on my own.

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WWDC 2015 Scholarship

Clarence Ji is the name of an iOS app that was used to apply for Apple Worldwide Developer Conference student scholarship in 2015.
It is not and will not be pushlished on the App Store due to the App Review Policy, however, this app helped me win the scholarship and made me possible to attend the conference.

The main technical achievement is the use of barometers that were added to iPhone 6 and later models.
The theme (bright / dark) changes depending on the readings from barometer.

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KCL Tech Society

I am currently a committee member of KCL Tech Society in King's College London.
KCL Tech Society is run by and made for people who are passionate about tech entrepreneurship and building interesting products.

My job is mainly to design campaign / Facebook event banners for the society's events.

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ViewLDN is my year-long project at King's College London and it is still in development.
It will become available on the App Store with the target audience of professional photographers and travelers, helping them explore London in a more unique and distinctive way.


Want to use your iPhone as a video camera and project the real-time image to your screen? You just need a Mac, an iPhone, a cable, and HackCam.
HackCam is perfect for recording and mirroring what the iPhone camera captures. Also, you are able to put your own logo on the bottom right corner.

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Appilepsy is a mobile app that runs an intelligent algorithm in the background of your phone which analyses your phone's 3D accelerometer data in real-time to detect if you're having a convulsive epileptic seizure.
Being built at Techcrunch Disrupt Hackathon London 2014, Appilepsy succesfully brought my team the second place, while competing more than 400 other hackers.

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